Time to Get Away

Lately I have been starting to feel the need for a bit of time away.

When life, ministry, work, fun and friendship all intersect so messily, the only way to really take a break is move out of the city for a short time. I feel the need for us as a family to have that kind of space at present after 8 months here in Brighton.

Some would say that my life is a complete breeze, and it may look that way to an onlooker, but there is a lot that goes on that is unseen – a hell of lot of thinking and reading and processing that will never show up on the ‘work’ radar!

So we’ll look at a week or two somewhere (cheap!) to relax and switch off the missionary antenna – to hang out, read novels and go surfing. (Hopefully I’ll get some leave without pay from teaching if needed)

We could use the stack of frequent flyers that are sitting there at present but then its find accomodation, hire a car etc etc.

Gets expensive!

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