Timmis Wisdom?

Today Steve Timmis from Sheffield spent some time with our youth pastors in a conversational mode. In the small time we spent I have to say I liked the feel of what he had to say. He struck me as someone who knew what he was about (both theologically and practically) and wasn’t afraid to have some biffo.

Amongst the things he said were: (I will try to represent him accurately as these are my memories – not verbatim)

– church planting is not just the best form of evangelism, it is the best form of discipleship – because in the missional setting people get stretched and challenged in new ways and are forced to chew thru where their lives are at.

– there is no biblical warrant at all for large church gatherings download entropy free casablanca divx online . There is nothing that can be achieved in a bigger group that cannot be accomplished by a small household group. He said this quite categorically and we had some good conversation / debate around it. He didn’t say it because he is part of a funky emerging church etc. He simply believes it theologically. I am not convinced yet, but look forward to chewing it thru some more.

Tomorrow he is doing a Forge postcards gig and I reckon it’ll be great value. I have been texting people and telling them to get there as I reckon this bloke has some good stuff to share, especially for those of us doing local neighborhood mission.

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