To Sport Would Be as Tedious as To Work

Afternoon beach crawl – Bondi – Maroubra

Holidays always end with mixed feelings. That’s a good thing.

I still remember a quote from Shakespeare that I learnt for my year 12 English Literature exam way back in 1981.

‘If all the year were playing sport then to holiday would be as tedious as to work – but when they seldom come, they wished for come’ (Henry IV Part 1)

It’s one piece of learning that has stayed with me since high school – and a useful piece too. The only way we really know ‘holiday’ is by slogging it out for 3 months – then we are ready for a change of pace and environment.

So – now it’s time to go home – to get back into the regular rhythms of life and to work. Thankfully I find regular life enjoyable anyway. Leading church, kicking business back into gear and then slotting back into all the regular things we do around home.

Its the yin and yang of how life works – a period of work – a period of rest – repeat.

Leave either out and it doesn’t work.

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