To the Dark Side…

After 10 years of running with an iphone I thought I’d try an Android. The Huawei p20 Pro got some great reviews so I thought I’d buy one and jump in. I’d used a Huawei tablet for over a year with no issues so maybe it could be time to dump Apple and go exploring. Here are my thoughts after a month of using it

Huawei p20 pro – The Positives

Face unlock – this works well. Fingerprint id is pretty useless for a retic bloke who regularly has glue on the finger.
Camera – top notch and definitely the selling point.
Battery life is excellent – 4000mh gets me thru a day no trouble
Google maps has been good – I used Navigon before, but I like google maps – also the timeline that shows me where I have been. Great for invoicing time accurately
Messaging feels better – I just like it better than the iphone

Huawei p20 pro – The Negatives

Minimal after market cases – I like the phone to feel like it isn’t going to slip out of my hand. I bought a couple of cases on eBay but none were brilliant. My local stores don’t have any.
A little large – that said, I have small hands, but its barely manageable with one hand
Auto AI can be a bit over the top – My pics sometimes look like I have edited them to max saturation when I enable AI.
A few moments of lag – that aint something you want to hear in a new phone… But I have had a few moments where it dragged its feet.
Brightness not so good in sun – definitely a struggle to see it even on full brightness
Random Car Bluetooth problem – I just had to do a factory reset as it lost bluetooth car audio on phone only. My music still played but nothing I could do would fix it. Forums showed it as a known issue, but no one had a solution. A factory reset is a bit of a pain as it means a lot of messing around.

Is it better than the iphone?

I dunno – I could go either way. I like bits of it and other bits not so much. I picked it up second hand for $750 from a bloke who had used it for a week and moved on so the price was a winner. Iphones have just become way too prohibitive with price.

I think I’d probably like a smaller phone, but with the same camera capabilities, so maybe a pixel might be worth a look…

Then again I may just roll with this one!

4 thoughts on “To the Dark Side…

  1. Kids are all and only iPhone (I pick them up refurbished or with a cracked screen and have it fixed for about $70).

    Always been Android. Recently picked up a Nexus 6P new for $250 on ebay. It’s beautiful, the right size. I have reskined it with Nova launcher.

    It got the last security update it will get today – but I don’t care. If I get a new two year old phone (n-2) phone every year I am well ahead $$$ of the bloke that frequently updates his iPhone. (Think about this over 10 years).

    I will soon root the phone and have the latest Android Pie ROM put on it when a stable release is available.
    Life is good on Android – give it a good go.

  2. Because I am autistic about tech – a couple more thoughts – an Apple fanboys would be $mad investing in the latest Apple devices with what is around the corner:

    -Apple is always a couple of years behind eg. one of the big features of the new 2018 iPad Pro is USB C. This has been a feature on Android for a long time.
    -Broad 5G rollout in 2019 (Apple will not be 5G ready in the near future).
    -Folding screens – a Android (Samsung) phone and a tablet. This is what I have always wanted in a phone (note a similar Microsoft surface phone will not be too far away).

  3. Yeah – I hear you rich. I’m still unconvinced either is ‘better’. Its just what works for you bass on what you value.

    I enjoy tech stuff so I’m happy to spend money to experiment.

  4. Admittedly, I have just bought a Samsung Tab S4 – that’s my tech indulgence for the next couple of years. Unboxing that felt real good 🙂

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