Today I am…

Today was one of those identity crisis days!

I spent some time this morning at the beach praying (that was nice) before heading off to Sorrento Quays to meet with ex blogger Bruce Stuart. Bruce and Sarah (who is Andrew Jones’ sister) came back from Prague last year and have started a new business here in Perth with a pastoral mission edge. We were catching up to hear how it was all progressing and to discuss the possibility of the Baptist denomination seeing them as church planters. It was great to catch Bruce and see someone who is doing what they love doing. While Bruce is a mate I was also wearing my denominational church planters hat during that meeting.

From there I sat by the beach and wrote some emails while the surf pounded in – big swell today! The first was to our local residents asociation regarding the youth work around here. I have recently got involved with the key players to try and help the youth group get itself better established. Its not a church gig, but just a bunch of people wanting to make something good happen. That was my Brighton mission hat

poet the dvd

There were also emails to those who have signed up for the Forge Intensive with all the final details. (WA Forge director’s hat)

From there it was off to Karrinyup shops to grab some lunch. While eating lunch I was reading over some netball lesson plans. I am currently trying to teach netball and know very little about it. Yep – Phys Ed teachers hat!

The afternoon started with a ‘Baptist Church Growth Meeting’, a team I sit on which oversees mission type stuff in the denomination. I am the church planting rep so I changed hats again.

Getting home I made phone calls to our community development officer and a team member. Then I spoke to someone who wanted me to come and preach at their church later this year.

I intentionally made all the calls so that after dinner I could chill and be a dad, husband and couch potato. That said I have just got back from a 4 km run!

Its not often I analyse the day quite like that, but it is fairly typical of what happens in a normal day for me. Sometimes I love the variety and other times it feels like I am spreading myself thin and not acomplishing as much.

But… that’s my life!

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