Toddy’s Street

Since we’ve been on the missionary journey we have found ourselves much more interested and aware of the places where people live – to be more specific our streets and neighbourhoods.

I remember one day Scott beverly hills cop iii free

suddenly dvdrip came to visit, partly because he was interested to see this place where we lived and made friends. In one sense its ‘just a street’ in suburbia and its no different to any other street. Yet in another sense it is very different because it is our street, where we live and where we have formed significant relationships.

Last night we got to have dinner with Toddy & Mrs Toddy and their 2 lovely kids and we got to see their street, a place where they feel very connected and blessed to be a part of. We stood out the front and they described to us who lives where and how the street has formed up. They spoke with great affection for the people they live amongst and obviously loved being there. They let us know that it wasn’t their initiative that made this a great place, but rather it was the fact that a whole bunch of people had come together and took the challenge of community seriously.

It was great to see where they live and to ‘feel’ their place.

We had a fantastic meal, some nice wine and a great conversation over the course of the evening. Just a reminder yet again that there the people of God are in many very ordinary places living out the kingdom and just getting on with it.

3 thoughts on “Toddy’s Street

  1. Hamo,

    This blog is a great blog in that one carn’t help but feel a genuine warmth for these people and a certain pride as they sound like such great ambassadors of our faith. I love to hear about these things and encourage you to keep posting them.



  2. Was great to get a greater sense of your story too, Hamo (and Mrs Hamo & the Hamo-ettes).

    Looking forward to returning the favour one day!

    We’re very fortunate to live where we do.

    I only hope we don’t screw it up!! 🙂

  3. Such is the way of the Body of Christ…..Flesh and Blood Relationship! I am extatic (< never could spell and spell check doesn’t work here!) that other people are pondering what it means to be Church these days.

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