Too Much to Say

I’ve been preparing a ‘sermon’ all day.

Its been both inspiring and difficult. Preaching is where my perfectionist tendencies show up! I can’t stand up and waffle – I work on the principle that if it doesn’t grip me, it sure as hell won’t grip anybody else.

I am speaking at Katanning Baptist Church this weekend and I am looking for a new angle on the theme of mission and church. I have many angles, but I am bored with them…

I am bored with the sermon I have preached the last 8 times! Its got some great content, but it just isn’t firing me and I sense God wants me to head in another direction for this crew.

I am also finding that I have way too much stuff I want to say to try and contain it in 25 minutes.

My head is in a fug after so many hours of looking at a computer screen. Tired, headachey…

Some days I hate preaching.

Ok enough whinge – back to it…

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