Its a public holiday here in Perth.

A mate rang up yesterday to see if I wanted to head out on a deep sea fishing charter. I said ‘no’ thinking the weather would be lousy and also because I wanted to spend the day with Danelle and the kids.

We were both right about the weather. This morning there were light offshores and it was very nice, but by 1.00 the rain was coming in and the wind was kicking up. It would have been a fun trip home from 80 kms out, not to mention very very cold!

So instead we took the kids to the model railway exhibition an event I expected to be fairly sparsely attended and hosted in a back room somewhere. I was wrong on that one!

It seemed every man and his kids were out to see the trains today and it was a big gig. We finally found a parking space and hustled into the show area where we spent the next hour jostling for a close up spot in front of the train displays.

They were very good and the kids were fascinated, but I had no idea it was such a popular pursuit. A guy standing next to me at one point said it well ‘its a whole little subculture all of its own isn’t it?’

mmmm hmmm…

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