Top 50 Books that Have Shaped Evangelicals

This makes for an interesting read!

Good to see Newbigin there at 38 with The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society although how the Left Behind kid i the dvdrip download series snuck in ahead of him is beyond me!

The highest ranking book that I have read was Mere Christianity at no. 3 by CS Lewis.

Of the 50 listed I have read:

49.Knowledge of the Holy

48.The Hiding Place

46.Out of the Saltshaker and into the World

42.The Purpose-Driven Life

38.The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

34.This Present Darkness

33.The Late Great Planet Earth (hehe!)

32.The Cross and the Switchblade

28.The Act of Marriage

26.Know Why You Believe


21.The Master Plan of Evangelism

19.The Cost of Discipleship

18.The Divine Conspiracy

17.What’s So Amazing About Grace?

16.Basic Christianity

13.Evidence That Demands a Verdict

12.Power Evangelism

11.Celebration of Discipline

9.Through Gates of Splendor

7.Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

6.The Living Bible

5.Knowing God

3.Mere Christianity

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