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Most of us know that good customer service can be hard to find so when you see it you want to cheer.

Well this post is an advertisement for Tracy and the crew at Top Trim Motor Trimmer in Bairnsdale who today did a fix up job on the camper.

A few days ago while in Pambula strong winds blew the flies hard and began to rip one of the eyelets/anchor points out of the fly over our bed. It was worrying because if it had gone completely we would have had no protection from dew or rain and would have got very wet.

It has been hanging in the last few days as we have travelled but it was only a matter of time before we lost it. On the day it happened I called every motor trimmer in the Pambula/Merimbula area, but no one returned my calls… 

As we entered Lakes Entrance yesterday I did another search and found Top Trim in Bairnsdale. They told me they were flat out, but to drop in and they’d see what they could do.

It was the best offer I had found so we dropped in this morning.

As I entered the sign in reception said ‘we are unable to accept any new work until Feb 2010’… Busy people!…

But also very friendly and helpful people. I met Tracy who had a quick look at what needed doing and got one of her girls to do it on the spot. We did a bit of shopping, came back and it was finished – all for the princely sum of ten bucks.

The staff were interested in us, our trip and our repair job and they stopped what they were doing to help us out. It was a small job but often finding someone willing to do a small job is a challenge in itself.

So this post is an ad for them. Anyone googling Motor Trimmers in Bairnsdale will likely discover this post and I can reccomend these guys as top people who do a top job!

2 thoughts on “Top Trim Motor Trimmers Bairnsdale

  1. I work in the art gallery in Bairnsdale!

    Would have at least bought you a coffee… cos that’s what us East Gippslanders are like – really nice people 🙂

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