Today I was preaching at East Fremantle Baptist Church where a mate is doing a great job of leading the people in mission.

As I drove down the coast and saw the offshore breezes feathering the large swell I must admit to wondering what I was doing preaching on a morning like this!

I had planned to finish my sermon yesterday, but with so much on I got all of 45 minutes spent on it and finished up very much flying by the seat of my pants today. Perhaps I should say the Holy Spirit was leading me… I actually think he did, because it seemed to connect very well with a whole bunch of people there.

When we left LBC I felt very strongly that party of my calling was to plant churches that plant churches and another part was to train and equip people in that – at the very least be a catalyst for creative thinking, so I need to keep that balance between occasional speaking gigs and being ‘in the neighbourhood’.

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