Totally Sick!

Just me

Yesterday while I was off work my principal rang up to see if I knew if I’d be in today. “Umm…. really can’t say”. So she gave me another day off just to be safe. Pretty nice I reckoned – but it seems I needed it.

I have just woken up from over 3 hours of sleep. I have always found it really hard to take days off work, so her offer is much appreciated as I may have tried to go in today.

I still have no idea what is wrong. My whole body just aches and I have a sore throat.

I’m hoping it will be gone by tomorrow as its the day of our backyard blitz and then on Sunday we’re hoping for a big day out on the water fishing.

I’d love to go the Church Together on Sunday night, but I’m not sure we’ll be dragging the kids all the way to Burswood at 6.30pm. Like Rod, the whole format isn’t really my thing, but I have always gone because its about so much more than my personal preference and the whole concept of it is sensational.hard rain dvdrip download download shredderman rules free

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