In so many ways

I don’t know whether I feel sadness, shame, anger or all 3… This is ‘fuel for the fire’ for those who question the ethics of church life and the professionalisation of Christian ministry. Its one of the more bizzare stories I have come across where you wonder ‘is anyone home in there?!’

Via Mark

7 thoughts on “Tragic

  1. Hamo,

    I feel all three reactions. I have watched their ministry of TV and frankly I have never been impressed. I know I sound like I am passing judgement, but when you see money , success etc as the central focus you have to wonder.

    I feel sad for both of them as people though.

    Interesting the way hey are just going to continue ministry with out even a pause through these times.

  2. As for Paula – I refuse to listen to anyone who yells at me – what a scam. You have to question whether anyone in legitimate Christian ministry should have that kind of income – private jet – cmon.

  3. VERY interesting. I also find it VERY interesting that they have both been through previous marriage breakups before hand also!!

    And the whole prosperity teaching thing…mmmmmm

    It doesnt really give a good example of Christ and the bride does it?

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