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The falling Aussie dollar is a bit of a worry as we look at heading to the US next year. Earlier this year we were looking at getting almost dollar for dollar value as exchange, but now its under 80c and sliding. Bugger. Hopefully another 6 months will see it move back up, but who knows…

On a more positive note our next door neighbours will be renting our house and looking after Winston while we are gone so that is very nice. We have intentionally agreed to rent the house cheaply to friends rather than do it commercially, a) because it helps them out b) the risk factor is lower. So that will bring a constant small income supply while we are gone and will help out. Its about $200.00/week under market value but these are great people and it works for both of us.

The plan is still to leave in April, but lately my carpal tunnel syndrome has been pretty bad, meaning digging and retic work is quite painful. We don’t really want to leave earlier, but I’m not sure how long ‘Brighton Reticulation’ will last at this rate. I may evaporate (pardon the pun) off the landscape as quickly as I struck it last year in November. It’d be a real shame as I love the work, enjoy meeting the local people and love the exercise factor. Its also pretty good money and I’d need to replace the income some way or other.

Sometimes you have periods where life is simple and other times it just gets complicated… That’s life hey?…

6 thoughts on “Travel Plans

  1. Hey Hamo,

    Didn’t know that about the exchange rate or the carpal tunnel – bummer.

    Hope you can still make it stateside. You know, you could cut costs by only visiting the west coast. If only you knew people who’d put you up on the west coast…hey…hit us up!

  2. Have you checked out what’s involved in surgery for CPS? I think it’s a lot better than it used to be. But it’s a bummer, I used to get it when I worked manual jobs – it’s no fun.

  3. Justin if we can get there it’d be great!

    I will look at the surgery option – rest would probably do the same job 🙂 If i get both wrists done we are looking at maybe $5K at least plus 2 months off work so its a bit of a catch 22!

  4. Had the CTS when working on the house – very painful. After having the tests they didn’t operate but told me to not do any renovation work with power tools for six months. It gets better, but have to watch it and keep supple (hard to do when you’re an old bugger like you – and me – over 40)

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