It started with a chiro appointment in Two Rocks. I saw the chiro and then on the way home I saw the sign – GARAGE SALE – and I’m a bit of a sucker for a Two Rocks garage sale, because often there is stuff in those old houses that has been locked away for years that people just want rid of and you can pick up some real gems for next to nothing.

The garage sale was ok, but as I drove down the street I saw another ‘car boot’ sale – it was actually just one man with a trailer on a piece of land he had sold, but that was previously used to store his landscaping gear.

On his trailer sat 4 large tubs of irrigation equipment. It was aged and looked like it had been there for a while. I knew who he was – a local competitor who was over 70 now and clearly no longer concerned for keeping everything neat and in order. Surely there would be something of value in there…

‘How much?’ I asked

‘$20/crate’ he said or ‘$40’ if you take all 4.

I could see there was $40 worth of gear just sitting on the surface so I figured it was worth the gamble. I found the $40 in my centre console – 20 x $2 coins – and then loaded the 4 crates into my car and went home to see if there was anything else worth keeping in the piles of gear.

After sorting the first one I counted around $400 worth of parts and two hours later after sifting thru all that was there I had near enough $2K worth of gear. I guess I won’t be buying retic gear for a while.

So next time someone tells you a garage sale is just a way to play ‘musical junk’, remind them that occasionally there is treasure to be found!

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