We will be home in 28 days. I write that with mixed feelings! In our trip we will have spent this length of time in each of the mainland states

76 days WA – that is a long time but it’s a big place and we know where to go.

23 NT – about right – outside of Darwin and the Nat Parks it’s a major effort to see anything – would like to do Arnhem Land next time

43 Qld – and we wasted 7 of them in Surfers… Argh…

35 NSW – too short – the NSW coastline warrants another month at least.

12 Vic – running out of time now – way too short!

7 SA – about right – maybe another 7 days at Cactus would have been nice, but I don’t find SA especially interesting. Sorry SA friends…

So next time Tas will get a big slab of time, NSW will see us spend longer there esp the southern coast and we will spend more time along the Great Ocean Rd in Vic.

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