Upstream at Easter

Its been a busy weekend!

Easter Friday was quite relaxing – I spent some of it watching the Jesus video with Ellie. (It really isn’t a quality movie is it?!) But it was great to sit with her and explain the whole story and describe Jesus to her. I found it very moving to do that with a 4 year old who hasnt been innoculated to the power of the story. It really refreshed it for me too.

Yesterday we headed out to the football & dinner with Mark and Michelle, two of our neighbours, while Mike and Heidi took the kids. I’m not a real big footy fan, but it was a great night out.

Then this morning was our Sunday AM Easter gig. We are trying to make it a bit of a tradition to do brunch at the local park and then do some kind of easter reflection activity.

Today in the middle of some serious humidity we all cooked and ate brunch and then did a ‘stations of the cross’ type of deal. Jenny had a great idea that we use different points in the park to read passages of scripture that tell the Easter story. So that was pretty much it – from gethsemane (garden) to trial (gazebo) to Golgotha (hill) to resurrection (park).

The day finished with helium balloons being let go to remember the new start we have because of Jesus. Everyone could write their own prayer on the balloon and offer it up. It was a simple idea, but it worked well (however when you are asking kids to let their balloons go you need to make sure you also have a few in reserve!!)

As well as the four families from our team there were 10 other local families present to share the day. The icky weather made it very tiring, but it was another great time.

Tonight we go round to Mark and Michelle’s to watch The Passion… again… it was hard enough the first time 🙂

Here are some images Jen took of us eating brekky, doing the easter activity and then letting the (biodegradable) balloons go.




Jesus is risen!

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