Used Teabags are a Fading Memory

If you have been wondering what the new blog banner is about (and haven’t read the interaction below) then I’ll fill you in..

You see, I saw an image of used teabags hanging on a line drying out and I couldn’t help thinking back to the old stories I had heard of overseas missionaries being sent used teabags (I believe it is a true story) as a means of support.


It was a fairly classic missionary image from my formative years – as well as safari suits and brylcream.

So it seemed like an appropriate image for a ‘backyard missionary’… But having ‘tested’ it on those who I thought would easily ‘get’ it I have come to realise that maybe my experience was different to everyone else’s 🙂

Anyway that’s the deal with the teabags!

As you were.

7 thoughts on “Used Teabags are a Fading Memory

  1. The stories are true. I know, because it happened to my parents (among others?). When they were missionaries in The Philippines in the 1970s, they couldn’t get decent tea. So they let it be known to friends back home in England that they couldn’t get tea, and that when people sent teabags in food parcels, it was such a treat that they would dry out used teabags and use them a second time…

    …but they were perhaps less than impressed when, in response, someone sent them used-and-dried-out teabags, with a note expressing delight that their used teabags could be such a blessing. Which I don’t think they were!

    But, anyway, I thought you were a coffee boy.

  2. About 25 years ago, I worked with a former MK who grew up in South Africa — he regularly dragged out the story of receiving teabags “used only once” as an example of how often well meaning Christians give shoddy stuff in the name of being generous. It’s not a bad point to remember as I sort through a house full of belongings with an eye to what might be a “blessing” to others — and what might not!

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