Virtually Real

Recently I have landed a number of reticulation jobs purely on the strength of .

People have found me online, resonated with the style, content and vibe of my site and have virtually asked me to do the job even before meeting me or obtaining a firm quote. It seems an attractive website with some basic information is a more valuable tool than I had thought at first.

I know most tradies don’t worry about websites but I wonder if that needs to change. As we all know these days a virtual web identity is proof that you really exist… ironic hey?

I do my own design and use a simple program called Sitespinner which allows for attractive but fairly basic sites. A little design savvy and you’re away.

One of the things I have done quite intentionally is to list my prices, that way people know what to expect before I come and neither of gets a nasty surprise when the bill or quote comes in.

So, just a heads up to anyone else in small business that it is well worth the effort to have decent web presence even if it seems like its not doing much. Of course its also important to avoid having a tacky and cheap looking site because that says just as much!

1 thought on “Virtually Real

  1. Thoughts for you & yours over the Easter period.

    For those who might be holidaying (or living) on the South Coast, I’m looking forward to heading down there this evening. Playing at the Strawberry Jam festival with Sean W Smith (‘Boof’ to those who know & love him!)

    Not sure what Strawberry Jam will be about, but likely to cost a fair bit, and be a show where those who love contemporary Christian music will likely have fun!

    I know, I know – who’s blog is this anyway!?!? But still, we’re only assuming that Hamo isn’t dead because he told us he wasn’t a week or so ago.

    So – in the meantime, have a great Easter, travel safe, drink good coffee with decent chocky, and we’ll do the merry-go-round again soon!


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