Public Shaming

Ok – I had to go public with this news…

Andrew Broadbent, my friend and fellow driver of old beaten up cars has sold his HZ Kingswood and (and his soul) and is now driving a VOLVO!!!

Shame on you Broady! Shame on you!

A public flogging ought to be in order, but I will simply ask that in its place you post offensive and deprecatory Volvo jokes in the comments section so that he will feel suitably chastised and maybe reconsider the folly of his ways. (I have left one there to get you started)

By the way, I have decided to keep the Landy and fix her up a bit (not a lot) and hopefully get another 18 momths or 2 years out of her before taking Steve’s advice and driving her off Blackwall Reach on a Sunday afternoon.

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