Voting as a Christian in a Secular World…

Flying home on the plane last night I was praying about the stuff I needed to share with the team tonight. I had things to say but they didn’t feel quite right.

I sensed God saying we should be talking about how a Christian would vote at the coming state election.

To be honest this has not been a strong area for me. I have been something of an ‘impulse’ voter, rarely making an informed or well considered decision, but voting for the person I think is the least offensive.

I sense God challenging me to pull my head out of my bum in this regard and take some responsibility for what happens here in WA. Some of you have known this for ages… I have been lazy

Enough is enough…

Tonight as a team we will be pondering the question of ‘how does a Christian vote?’ Not with the objective of telling people what to do, but rather developing a theological and ethical framework for making intelligent decisions in this regard.

Should be a fun discussion!

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