Wanna Come?

Last night we had two friends around for dinner and in the conversation I asked them how they would feel if I invited them to come to church with me (which I can’t do at present – so it was a harmless suggestion!).

It generated a good discussion.

The guy said he would be very apprehensive because of past experiences of family geting involved and some very ugly stuff happening – separations and suicides. He said he would likely tell me to ‘back off and let me find my own way’. The girl said she felt like it would be on a par with being invited to an Amway meeting… But at the same time she also said she has such respect for my wife that she would probably say ‘yes’ anyway.

These are not ‘church goers’ so it is good to hear their feedback.

I sense we need to hear more from the people who are not coming to our stuff. If we do then we might just figure out how to connect with them and help them connect with God.

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