Want to help someone out with a free car?

Here’s an opportunity for someone with mechanical aptitude and a bit of time to help someone else out.

Our Telstar has served us well for the last 8 years, but it seems like it might be time for a change.

A few weeks back it started blowng smoke because the valve stem guides are stuffed. Basically what happens is each morning the motor burns off the oil around the valves for about a minute or so and after that it runs fine.

So we drive down the street in a plume of smoke and by the time we get to Marmion avenue its as good as gold. Bugger hey?

Because its an overhead cam it involves removing the head to fix it – estimate $1200.00. I don’t want to spend that on an old car, so we are moving on to buy something else.


If you want to fix it up and give it to someone in need the give me a call and I will chat with you about it. Its on ebay for $950.00 but if someone can do the work to fix it, we will happily give it away so long as it goes to someone who genuinely needs it.

The rest of it is in really good condition and it seems a shame to ‘junk it’ because of that one issue. For a full description check out the ebay add.something s gotta give divx online

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