WA’s Best Beaches

I was watching Getaway tonight and they were going around Oz choosing the best beaches. There were some pretty fair picks too.

Wineglass Bay in Tassie is stunning, Rainbow Beach on the Gold Coast is pretty speccy and of course Bell’s Beach in Vic is an icon. It was good to see Cresent Head in there as we missed going there on our big lap and its in my diary for the next time as a priority.

When it came to WA the top 3 picks were Cable Beach Broome, Meelup in Dunsborough and Cottesloe in Perth. What do you reckon about those for our top 3?…

I think the hard thing is that there really are so many to pick from.

Just a drive down to our local Quinns Beach on a sunny day is enough to make you feel like you are in paradise. So anyway I thought I’d list a few of my own favourites and maybe a few lesser known ones that might not make the well known A list. I will only list the one’s I have visited but I’m sure you will be able to add plenty more.

If we start at the top of WA and work down we find:

Cable Beach – absolutely stunning and ought to be up there as one of the best around. White sand, warm water and stunning sunsets make it a classic.

Barn Hill – about 150kms south of Broome – similar to Cable Beach but remote and with great huge red cliffs as a backdrop. We’ll be back there for sure.

Turquoise Bay – near Exmouth and famous for being part of Ningaloo. Sensational snorkelling!

I know there are plenty between Exmouth and Cervantes, but I haven’t been to too many real stand outs so I’m moving down close to home.

Wedge Island – powder white sand and stunning blue water. Its beautiful before the sea breeze comes in but after that watch out – she blows! Its also a part of WA history as a classic shanty town.

Yanchep Lagoon – a local favourite that gets real busy in summer. The lagoon is protected by reef and a safe beach for kids.

Scarborough – this is my pick of the city beaches. A long white beach that occasionally gets a wave. I spent many a school day on Scarborough beach!

There are great beaches everywhere in the city and in the stretch down to Busselton so I’m going to keep going to a few beauties down south.

Meelup – yup – a stunner so long as the wind is blowing from the south west. Otherwise stay home.

Yallingup – beautiful, rugged and expansive – not a place for a swim usually, but the view from the platform is priceless.

Indijup – personal favourite! Love the waves and the set up. I doubt it will win any prizes except with surfers.

Boranup – a beautiful remote sandy beach just north of Hamelin bay. Occasionally gets surf too…

Ocean Beach Denmark – a favourite as a kid and one I still love to go to. I’d love to be a local and see it when it breaks, although I’ve heard it gets pretty crowded.

Goode Beach Albany – another lesser know beach that in the right weather can be quite beautiful.

Cape le Grand – ok all the way to Esperance (and I know I left out Bremer Bay!) but this one’s a beauty. Remote, rugged and beautiful much like most of Esperance’s beaches

Ok that’s 13 and I reckon I could easily add another 20 without much effort but if you’re looking for a great beach in WA there are some starting points!

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