We are a Mega-Church

Yes, that’s right.

Upstream Communities is a megachurch.

Ok so when you think mega church you instantly think of 5000 people or more, but that’s not what I mean. Maybe we can expand the definition?

If mega = Surpassing other examples of its kind; extraordinary then surely we could claim to be a ‘mega’ -church. We could also claim that our ‘church’ is 2 billion strong, because we are members of The Church…

So are we a mega-church?

In popular parlance mega-church has a well accepted meaning and there is a plethora of associated imagery. Large buildings, CEO pastors, huge budgets, multiple programs you know the drill.

So if I were to call us a mega-church you’d wonder what I was on about… No?…

So why would a large contemporary church choose to call themselves an ’emerging missional church’?

This question has me puzzled. What is going on here?…

Any thoughts?

Us… A mega-church… its a little absurd isn’t it?

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