We leave in APRIL

I keep getting asked “So you must be leaving soon?”

Next year we are doing a 6-9 month trip around Oz, across to US and then back home again, but it is not till next year!

I guess relative to when I expect to die, next year in April is quite soon… However we are here in Perth for the next 8 months doing business as usual.

So if I look at you odd when you ask that’s why. 8 months does not feel like ‘soon’ to me!

7 thoughts on “We leave in APRIL

  1. In coastal Texas? Look me up. I’ll have an extra longboard around and you’ll love our knee high, brown water waves. You don’t have to worry about sharks but we have jelly fish that eat sharks for snacks:-). I might even throw in a box of those retic sprinklers!!!

  2. 8 months eh? I’m wondering price of petrol, interest rates, international state of affairs, Quantas and it’s service problems, Wolf Creek – me paranoid, no way!! I don’t care that my phone is bugged.

    Happy planning.

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