Wealth Beyond Measure

Some days you realise how wealthy you are and how much you have to be grateful for. The weekend before last was one of those times.

It began Friday morning as I took off down south with Sam, my mate Stu and his son Micah. We were off on an overnight father and son climbing expedition to the Stirling Ranges (not quite realising it was a 6 hour drive from the city). I reckon we might have re-thought it had we known…

However the distance really didn’t matter in the end as we enjoyed the time in the car catching up on conversations and thoughts that we hadnt had time to explore in our shorter times together. In fact it isn’t hard to wile away 6 hours when you are really good friends.

Its a huge blessing to still have a really good mate from teenage years, one who knows me well and with whom I have many common loves. And to see our sons connect and laugh and have fun together was a real blast too. I hope one day we might go back with our sons’ sons and do the trip over, although by my reckoning I could be in my 70’s… Doable… but it might take more than 90 minutes to reach the top.

I came home feeling blessed and very rich to have a friendship of this calibre and depth.

As we drove home I was hoping to go to Anna’s 40th – an ex student and friend, but we arrived in the city a bit too soon and with a tired boy in tow, needed to head back to Yanchep. So I passed on the party. It was a hard call as I knew I’d be walking back into a room of people (most of whom I hadn’t see for 20 years) where there would be some very fond memories and some wonderful opportunites to renew friendships.  I was reminded how blessed I was to make those kinds of connections during my time as a teacher – how good it is that some of my students have become my friends.

On the way home I saw my Mazda Bravo work ute, that I had sold 3 days previous, parked on the median strip on Marmion Avenue. ‘Hey look that’s my old car’ I said to Sam as we scooted on past on our way home. I didn’t for a moment consider that the gearbox might have carked it. The young Scottish couple who had been in Perth for one whole day when they bought my car rang about 30 minutes later to ask if I’d ever had the gearstick get stuck in 5th?… Nope… never…

I felt pretty sorry for them. I hadn’t intentionally sold them a lemon, but it had turned out pretty bad. I voiced some concerns about the whole deal on facebook and within an hour Terry had offered to chip in, then Darryl, then a few others and before 24 hours had passed enough people had committed to help these random strangers so that they were blessed with $1600 and the ability to buy a new gearbox.

Yet again I was giving thanks for friends and the various people God has put in my life who demonstrate love and kindness in these simple acts of compassion. I felt privileged to know these folks/

I was feeling ‘rich’ in so many ways on that Sunday evening and then came an email from one of our church crew saying how much they enjoyed being part of QBC over the last 12 months. It was another huge blessing and had me sitting back in my chair saying ‘wow – how blessed am I?…’

I guess friends are part of life and we can take them for granted, but on that weekend I was reminded from all sides that when we have good friends we are so very very wealthy.

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