It’s been interesting observing how we have felt at different points in the

journey over the last 2 1/2 months. There’s no question we have had a

fantastic time and really enjoyed the journey but the last week could be

described by both of us as ‘a bit over it’. To those who are slogging away

in a hard job each day that might sound bizarre – that you could be on

holidays with 3 1/2 months to go and be a bit tired of it.

We are a little puzzled by it, and it was only when we both verbalized it to

one another that we realized we were feeling similar things.

I’ve been pondering why it is that we are feeling this way and I’m guessing

it’s a few factors.

– When we started everything was new and it was a huge challenge to figure

out how to do camping well. I think we have got it pretty well sorted now

and the ‘learning curve’ has plateaued. Now it’s a bit more routine and hum

drum. Not bad – just a little less interesting. Been there done that…

– Then there’s the absence of good friends. Both of us have at times longed

to just sit down with good friends and enjoy an evening of conversation and

laughter, but everyone we meet on the road is a ‘first time’ acquaintance

and we find ourselves going thru the same routine Q & A each time we bump

into people. This is all well and good, but there are times when I have

avoided people because I just can’t be bothered answering the same questions

over and over. It’s been good to get on the phone to friends occasionally

but it is still different.

– The colder weather has changed the vibe a little also. As much as I love

cooler weather I think the optimal temperature for camping is around the 32

mark. It’s warm enough to go swimming, not chilly at nights and in the

morning, but not so hot you feel stifled. We are currently having 23 – 25

degree days and swimming has dropped off the radar. I miss lazing around the

beach and have been tempted to pass up driving home across the Nullabor and

simply turn around and head back to NT and northern WA! Far north Queensland

is definitely cooler than northern WA and as nice as it is we have noticed

that change in climate.

– I am also someone who has a strong sense of accomplishment and I like to

be doing things and achieving things. That is not really the purpose of a

holiday… I definitely get the whole thing about resting well, but there

have been days when I have been genuinely bored and in need of something

more to do. Usually its been when we have stopped at a caravan park for a

while and haven’t got heaps to do in the town – and when the book I am

reading is a bit crap. (ie Mercy by Jodi Picoult)

I tend to think this feeling will pass, but if it doesn’t we won’t be

changing anything. I did contemplate coming home sooner and taking another 3

months next year over winter, but it’s just not that easy…

It has surprised me that we might get actually tired of the travelling life,

and I imagine some of my friends will be shaking their heads in disbelief,

but there you go – that’s been my experience of things…

2 thoughts on “Wearying

  1. Having done the 11 month ‘circuit’ around the island I am relating to what you are saying. Christine and I went through that very feeling a few times and in the end I guess we gave in to it and came home a month before we were due. But we did find that staying put for an extended period (as you seem to be doing now) helped a bit, we made deeper (albeit short) relationships with others camping around and felt connected even for a week or 2 or 12 as it was for us in Airly Beach!

  2. Hey Hamo,

    As for getting past small talk, a friend of mine sometimes simply skips it and blunders straight into broader topics. It doesn’t always work and people might get turned away, but it surprises me how often it does work[1]. You get interesting connection and conversation, then go away sometimes without even knowing which town someone is from (: which I’m sure is one of the cliche questions you usually endure.

    [1] I wonder if a lot of people feel the same way as you do.

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