Weird Economies

Tomorrow I head off to Tasmania for 4 days.

Usually I just drive to airport and leave the car in long term parking for the period and then drive home. We live 100km from the airport so getting Danelle to drop me off is not a great option. By the time you go there and back twice its at least $50.00 worth of fuel and parking is only $17.00/day.

Tomorrow Danelle is off to her sister’s place and can actually drop me off… but getting home on Sunday is another proposition altogether.

A taxi to where I live is about $90.00. I could get a taxi to the city then a train and a bus… It’d take me 3 hours to get home… After a flight from Hobart via Melbourne I won’t be up for another 3 hours of farting around.


Or… the option I have chosen is to go with a local Brighton company called Beachside Luxury Vehicle Charter. For $75.00 they drive down, meet me at the airport and then drive me to my door with drinks included…

Its the same cost as long term parking but I don’t have to drive.

It feels quite weird to go home in a ‘luxury vehicle charter’ alone, but the numbers add up!

10 thoughts on “Weird Economies

  1. yes it’s the same for me.

    when I go on a work trip now I get RACQ to order me a limo to pick me up and take me to the airport.

    it’s cheaper than a taxi.

    does feel a bit strange though, especially when you’ve got the dude in a suit and hat knocking on you’re front door at 6am with the car waiting.

  2. I love it – I want to use it instead of a taxi for work travel but how do you convince the government that a luxury charter vehicle is better value for the taxpayer than a taxi. . .

  3. Now if they let you drive that thing, that would be value!!

    We hired a car in sydney because it was cheaper to take the two of us to the airport (from one hire car place to the next) than either taxi of airport shuttle. Our $39 hyundai excel was upgraded to a spanking new Commordore…and its true what they say about hire cars, they are much faster that normal ones… 🙂

    It also meant we could go to this church we wanted to check out while we were in Sydney….

  4. So why dont you just catch the bus and the train? 3 hours of time or a bunch of money wasted on a ‘luxury’ vehicle. In one post your going on about the poverty in the world and the next your talking about getting a luxury car to pick you up from the airport?? its really confusing

  5. I had the same experience in Atlanta. I was there for training. Going back to the airport it was cheaper to take a luxury cab rather than the other local one’s.


  6. That’s alright mate 🙂

    I think this is where each of needs to be ok with their own decision before God.

    After 6 hours flying from Tas I wasn’t up for another 3 on public trans followed by our church gathering! Maybe you would. That’s cool.

    I thought it was money well spent.

  7. Bek

    My point with the Mainwaring issue was how we overvalue the life of celebrities compared to the ‘poor people’ so it wasn’t related to money and spending per se 🙂

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