Welcome Back Hamo!

I’m not going to make a farewell post because I’m not really going anywhere – I’ll still be reading and commenting along with everyone else. It has been a great two weeks and I’d like to thank Hamo for the opportunity to share my perspective. It is still evolving and I in no way lay claim to ‘great truths’ that I may be the sole proprietor of. I do believe that I like many other seek to understand and give meaning to life and I think my journey should be of interest to Christians as much as theirs is to me and that it is helpful for both to discuss our perspectives.

I’ll perhaps continue some discussions on my blog – but I have to catch up with some really important posts about coffee first!

Thanks to everyone for their contributions – and I do mean everyone, even people who might seem to be as far in beliefs from me as you can be, because we are all on the edge in one way or the other and if people on the edge don’t join hands then there is no-one to grab for if you lose balance.

Coffee at my place!

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