Welcoming My Brother Jack

Some songs kick you in the guts.

Paul Colman’s ‘My Brother Jack’ is one I found myself listening to one day on Spotify and in an instant I was smashed – heart broken at a story that is all too common.

Colman tells the story of taking a non-Christian friend along for the ride with some of his Christian mates and their shock and horror at his choice of music. The conversation turns aggressive with Jack the victim.

The song is a reminder of how our sub-cultures form and sometimes become blinkered to the real people who they serve to exclude.

Colman nails this problem and the final line of the song sums up where its at for me. Listen to it and if it doesn’t disturb you then maybe you’re ‘in too deep’…


1 thought on “Welcoming My Brother Jack

  1. Christians love shit like this. It allows them to self-righteously proclaim that they aren’t as self-righteous as the subjects of the song. “*I* would never do that! …but I know some people who are just like this…”

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