Well Paid Sickie

The good thing about running your own business is that you can take a sick day whenever you like – so long as you don’t mind not earning the $$.

But today I managed to do both.

While lazing on the couch watching Valkyrie at 11.00am (how often can you do that?…) the phone rang and it was SGIO asking if I’d like a quote on house and contents insurance. I had just had a ridiculous renewal notice come in from GIO asking for $1057.00 for the year – up $200.00 from last year – which was up $200.00 from the year before. I wasn’t happy.

So I told the SGIO people to give it their best shot and without batting an eyelid they proposed $870.00. Pretty good considering I hadn’t told them what they had to beat.

So I rang GIO after that and began to ask some questions about why my policy had gone thru the roof…

“Maybe its because you are in a bushfire risk area?” the guy suggested.

“You don’t know where Butler is do you?” I responded

Turned out he was from Melbourne and agreed that maybe that was a bit of a mistake… After some haggling I got their price down to $900.00 and then some tailoring of excesses and the actual policy conditions got us down to $700.00.

So for staying home today I figured I earnt near enough to $350.00. I normally check around insurers but over the last few years have found GIO to offer a good product at the best price. Not so any more it would seem.

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