Well… why wouldn’t you?

This bloke is coming to Perth again this week.

I am interested in going to hear him, but I’m not sure I’d get a seat. I heard that last time he came he was ‘sold out’. I find it unusual because he isn’t overly inspiring in his ads.

But when you look at his website and see what he is offering its not hard to see why he pulls the punters.

One: Decipher Your Life’s Journey
How and why have you been set up to live out certain experiences. How your subconscious mind is loaded with hidden programs which determine what you are destined to deal with and live out. Why are you here, what can you do to free yourself from the past and what is your own true path.

Two: The Real Purpose of Relationships
How to enjoy highly successful relationships, with your partner, children and friends. Attract and recognise the right partner for you. Enter one to one relationships ensuring you have the information to guide it to success Understand what relationships truly have to offer, what their real purpose is. How to encourage your children to be the best they can.

Three: Career & Creative Power
How to discover your most rewarding career. What you need to do to become more respected and successful at it. Learn the secrets of releasing your subconscious for creative solutions to all issues in your life and creative expression in the artistic or professional fields.

Four: Financial Independence
What is necessary to do to secure financial independence. Unlock subconscious blocks to allowing money into your life. Imbibe the laws of how money is made. Learn the unavoidable steps to achieving your financial goals

Five: Health, Fitness, Weight loss and Rejuvenation
The latest scientific information on rejuvenation (reversing aging) and increasing your active lifespan. Permanent weight loss in the easiest way. Dealing with disease in a holistic and natural way. Necessary steps to fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility and good health. Discover the health and lifestyle secrets of those groups of peole who live regularly over a 100 years.

Six: Confidence, Certainty, Personal Power and Self Esteem
How to develop the new behaviours and characteristics you want. Becoming a strong and centred person. What is necessary to gain appreciation and admiration from others. How to be influential and compelling. Awakening intuition.

Seven: Increasing Energy, Bliss and Self Realisation.
True freedom from the patterns of the past. Understanding your energy system and increasing its potential. Opening to bliss. Consciously exploring your Inner universe and the Dream World. Extra sensory perceptions. Merging with your organic intelligence. Raising your level of consciousness.

I wonder if those topics would make an interesting alternative to the Alpha course?

We might have to re-package the content a little, but I think the gospel speaks to all of those issues.

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