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the-late-ted-deerhurst-was-the-first-british-surfer-to-turn-professional-223217292-3883534This evening a comment came in on a post I put up several years ago but British surfer Ted Deerhurst who was on the pro tour way back in 1978. Its interesting to see how many people have found this blog by looking for ‘Ted Deerhurst’. (And Ted’s story is an interesting one too…)

So I opened up my stats to take a look at what people are searching for when they find this blog. I thought it was interesting so here’s a bit of an insight.

The TOP search request of the last 5 years… Eucla Caravan Park… How about that? After having the worst night’s sleep because of yobbo staff I posted an angry rant titled ‘Australia’s Worst Caravan Park?‘, not thinking it would make much difference, but it has obviously been found by plenty of people. Some folks I know stayed there recently and liked it, so maybe its changed. But the message is clear – bad online reviews get found!

Backyard Missionary was the second most popular search term and I guess that stands to reason. It was a ‘tag’ I used for a long time and I imagine if anyone wanted to find me online this would be the best search to use. I’ve noticed a few other ‘backyard missionaries’ out there in blog world, but this is the original…

‘Losing virginity’ turns up next… probably because I posted about it twice – losing my ‘facebook virginity‘ and then going to my first ever live concert at the age of 43. Fortunately the real deal happened a few years before that…


Leo Sayer chimes in next. What the?… I wrote some stuff on Danelle’s love for Leo and obviously it gets found. Seriously though – who searches for Leo Sayer?…

Often people are searched for and the most common searches that land people up at backyard missionary are in order:

  • Wayne Mordue – who was a pastor in WA and then NSW and died recently
  • Jarrod McKenna – local bloke working for World Vision
  • Travis Fitch – another local WA pastor and CEO of 12 Buckets
  • Noel Vose – the founding principal of Vose College and a legend at 90 something,

Some of the more unusual searches are these:

Vicky Groves – a young girl was murdered in her class at Churchlands High School back in the 90’s. Many of the young people in our youth ministry at the time attended the school and some witnessed the attack. A pretty horrific story and probably getting some airtime now  because the guy who killed her was recently released from jail.

Sexy Christian Singles – unusual because I doubt I have ever written a post along these lines..

Longreach Waters – a beautiful camp spot by an inland waterway right in the guts of NT just out of the little town of Elliot. We loved it here, but I’m guessing its fairly unknown.

Top Trim Bairnsdale – a small motor trimming company who got a blog post for the opposite reason to Eucla Caravan park – because they dropped what they were doing and helped us out on the spot with some caravan troubles.

Wedgie Training – come to the master and I will prepare your kids for school

FWIW my most popular post of all time is still this feisty piece I wrote specifically for a provocative debate. Almost all of the comments got deleted in the shift to a new host but the original piece remains.

And my own favourite is still this one – a bit of a naughty title, but my fave because it brings back such sweet memories.

And yes – it is a quiet night in the Hamilton household…

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