What Do You Miss?

Ok here’s a question for the missionary church planters of this world…

What do you miss about where you have come from five people you meet in heaven the divx download ?

What was there about church as you used to do it that you would like to inject into this current expression?

For me, its a greater diversity of ages, especially the presence of some old people – the 70 + types. We have no one over 49 in our community and I sense we are the poorer for it. I have been praying for several months now for an older couple/s to come and join us because I feel we are missing their wisdom and experience as well as the (often) very unselfish nature that is common to that generation.

It struck me again as I spent the morning preaching at Como Baptist and bumped into a bunch of older people.

They see the world differently. They are often quaint, sometimes dottery and occasionally even a pain in the butt, but I feel my life is poorer because I don’t have as many old people in it at the moment. As well as what they give to me, they also force me to enter their world and grow me in the process.

I miss the old people and would love a few up here!

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