What Happens When You Give An Atheist a Bible?…


I guess that all depends on how you do it…

Here’s an evangelism lesson for us. Thanks to Ed Stetzer for the heads up

A quote from the clip:

“I don’t respect people who don’t proselytize. If you believe that there’s a heaven and hell, and people could be going to hell, and you think, ‘Well, it’s not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward’… How much do you have to hate somebody not to proselytize?”


19 thoughts on “What Happens When You Give An Atheist a Bible?…

  1. Painfully true criticism to those people that never tell the people around them about the message of Christ. Made more ironic and impacting through being spoken by an atheist!

    Good video, I enjoyed watching that!

  2. Grendel said “I’m with him on that position”

    Grendel, if you have the time and headspace, i was wondering how as an atheist you would present a video like this. Would you say anything different? See anything missing from his statement?



  3. My first visit to your blog, via ‘In Darkest Australia”.

    I think it says much for Penn that he respects a man for his passion, beliefs and a willingness to follow his instincts and to do so respectfully and with dignity. Who wouldn’t?

    As a (former) high church Anglican, I never proselytized and presently as more agnostic/humanist would always accord anyone their beliefs, on the proviso they accept mine…

    Travis, what he left out was how he responded. He infers he accepted the scripture, but what happened next?

  4. The complete opposite to this is when in that episode of john safran vs god he visits Salt Lake City, door knocking Jehovah’s Witnesses style proselytising Atheism.

    I don’t buy the truck heading right for you analogy.

  5. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!! I don’t care that he respects the guy, fact is, he thinks this guy is ‘just a good guy’.

    Absolutely nothing is achieved by this, except that a bunch of Christians now feel guilty for not giving out bibles to actors & performers that they watch on a stage.

    ‘What happens when you give an atheist a bible?’

    In this case, nothing.

  6. Of course, I mean ‘what a load of crap’ in a sensitive, non-offensive, encouraging & uplifting way.

    This punk can tell me about evangelism when he believes me when I tell him that he’s a mug for believing that God doesn’t matter.

    (Hmmm… this isn’t coming across as very loving… must be the medium)

  7. This video is making the run on many blogs. I too was impressed by it.

    I’m grateful that he took the time to respond and create such a video.

    He makes a great point, and the person who gave him the bible did a great job. We may never know who he is (unless the media digs him up), but his impact is inspiring hundreds if not thousands of Christians.

    Chris W


  8. Toddy mate, the prob’s in your choice of vocab! “This punk” isn’t exactly the most winsome way of referring to someone. 🙂 So stop blaming “the medium”!

    Personally I think you should give the unwooded white the flick, and try a stout. Swan Stout is one of the best, but I think they’ve stopped making it. 🙁

  9. Stout & red are the only ways to go. White’s are for women, and those pretending to be women.

    Same goes for corona and any other beer that requires lemon, lime or a straw.

    But c’mon people, does this video demonstrate anything?

    It shows how to win respect, not souls.

    The guy in the video hasn’t changed his mind about who he is, who God is or the relationship between the 2. He refers to psalms as being new testament for goodness sake!!

    So – what does it prove?

    Also, I thought we were beyond the broad ‘program’ of ‘do this or you’ll fail’ mentality.

    Just cos it gets made into a video does not make it true.

    Still not impressed.

    He doesn’t respect me, but I don’t care as much as the ‘punk’ might want me to.


  10. I enjoyed this clip also and despite his falterings of Biblical knowledge which is understandable because he is an Atheist I thought it was a really neat thing for him to put that out there and you say nothing was done i disagree he might have changed his mind about Christians and how we approach Atheists. I for one was engaged to one who was the love of my life and though he did not take my beliefs simple respect is a huge step in spreading the Word, a huge part of what Christians forget.

  11. been there done that. waste of time. nobody wanted to know. nobody listened and i dont blame them. I mean who would want to serve a God who creates an eternal Hell in the first place. I would give that God the finger and move on as i did.

    Sounds like insurance policy christianity to me.

    If God is a father, and if there was such a place as hell, then he would never been seen in heaven. even if it were impossible God would be finding a way into Hell to get his children out. I know i would. I would forgive my children even if they hated me. Any father would do the same. and i think thats exactly what has happened.

    So Heaven and Hell semantics dont really wash with me im afraid. Hell is just the place your in when you harden your heart.

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