What Next?

My wife is the greenie in our household. I am changing, but it is not my default setting.

Today a small red square basin appeared in our kitchen sink. I asked ‘what is this thing doing here?’

‘Its for collecting washing up water in.’ I was told.

I can see that very shortly we will all be taking wees in the backyard…

13 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Grendel – citrus prefer female wee than male I think – too many dissolved salts.

    Hey Hamo – won’t be teabags you will be hanging out to dry at the top of your blog, but reused toilet paper, I prefer using both sides, my dad said, 2 to wipe, 1 to dry. Actually I have discovered Government paper does not absorb ….

  2. It is amazing how the intellect drops when wee is mentioned!! Not to mention fart and the p word as my kids would say. Grendel my lime is doing just fine without Hamos help thanks!

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