What the F- – – – – – – K!

One day I woke up and had all these emails asking me to be a ‘friend’ on facebook

As is my gentle nature, I was too polite to refuse… wouldn’t want to hurt any feelings out there… Now I have all these ‘friends’ and a facebook profile but I’m still figuring out the point of the whole thing.

I haven’t got a ‘myspace’ account, but it seems that I have almost been defaulted into facebook because some people have emailed me and signed me up.

Its an interesting phenomenon and one I think will grow and grow because even the ‘disinterested’ like me almost get no choice in the matter, but have to sign up. (I don’t mind really – all you people who are feeling annoyed at me!)

However if you are like me who wonder what the hell its all about this little vid here helped. From thunk speed movie download

So you can call me your friend on facebook if you like.. or not…

9 thoughts on “What the F- – – – – – – K!

  1. You pretty much summed up how I got sucked into Facebook – I can’t even figure out what the point of it is? Anyway, thanks for being my ‘facebook’ friend. Nice to see you back in the blogging space!

  2. Ummm, sorry mate!

    It was Bruce Chant, Rod Olsen, Digger and Steve Said that got me started. So I figured I may as well start one myself. How peer pressure of me! Hopefully none of them will jump of a cliff.

  3. mate, good to see ya back on. Facebook is a gift from Jesus, we must use it wisely and for the benefit of mankind. That’s my view…dead set. I hate myspace but Facebook has allowed a Zimbabwean a chance to connect with old friends he hasn’t seen for years. For folks like me, it’s a fantastic way to connect with old mates across the globe who were lost. Plus…well let’s face it…it’s way prettier with the blues and whites and all.

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