What The?.. II

BoatBlaxellLast week’s boat fiasco left me pretty wary of the whole boat scene – but I’m not one for giving up on something I love that easily!

My old boat now sits in the yard at Hilary’s where they will sell it cheap and inform the buyers of the dangers. I will pocket $3000.00 out of the deal – a loss of $2000.00. I am sitting ok with that now. An expensive lesson, but one that I won’t be learning twice.

It’s funny how things turn out though sometimes. A good mate from SU who I was talking to recently told me how his motor had died on his boat and he was just looking to get rid of an old 17 ft hull. On the day mine died I asked if I could have a look…

This hull sat in the front yard covered in leaves and rubbish but it looked like it had potential” I took it to my fibreglass guy who told me it was a beauty and I ought to snap it up, so I offered him, $1500.00 and all was sorted.

On the weekend we cleaned it up and it looks great. It’s a way better set up than what I had and I am now actually glad everything went pear shaped!!

Today I had the marine mechanic check out a motor I came across thru another guy. They tell me its in tip top condition and I ought to buy it – its an oldie, but in real good nick and only $1000.00 – and I just discovered they will fit it free if I give them the old ‘dead’ motor on the boat.

Nice deal hey?

Total cost is $2500.00 for a boat that should be a real goer. So… strangely, at the end of the day if you do the maths, we sell the old boat for $3000.00 and buy the new one for $2500.00 we are actually $500.00 in front.

I am telling people that at the rate I am going, this time next year I will have a 30 foot boat. In December I bought a 12ft dinghy, then in Jan a 15 ft half cab and now I’ve got a 17 ft runabout”

Actually we might stop there! There’s a pic below of the latest addition. So far I’ve had the ‘Queen Mary’, the ‘Kingswood’ and now the ” ????? ”

I’m not sure yet.

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