What The Imagination Can Teach Us

Last night at blokes group I led the guys in an imaginative / reflective exercise using the Emmaus rd story and observing where we see Jesus in our lives.

One part of the exercise was to imagine yourself up a mountain looking back at your life from the start to now and seeing Jesus’s presence in the events and pondering where he felt absent. Then to look ahead and consider the road that lies in front of you.

The interesting thing as we discussed afterwards was that when the 30 something blokes looked ‘ahead’ they all saw steep mountain ahead to be climbed, while the two of us in our 40’s had envisaged ourselves at the top of a mountain and were looking down at the road ahead.

As the 30 something’s informed us that clearly confirms we are over the hill…

While it was amusing to see the different perceptions it was also an insight into a little of how I observe life working. The 30’s does seem to be the mountain climbing time of life while the 40’s seems to be a little more about enjoying the mountain.

I;m not up for hitting ‘cruise’ in my life, but I do find myself much less driven than when I was in my 30’s and achieving less but enjoying more.

Over the hill?… Maybe, but then its all downhill from here so there’s gotta be something good in that 🙂

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