What The?

Tonight I was speaking at a mates church in a place called Parkerville – over an hour and a quarter from Brighton, but still in the metro area! (Just!)

It was a great night with some very creative and significant ideas implemented in what it means to be and do church. One segment of the regular service is entitled ‘What The?…’ I’m not sure all of what it is about, but tonight the presenter (one of the regulars) showed a video she made at 11.AM today as she channel surfed. It was to highlight the gap between Christian culture and contemporary culture. A great idea – songs of praise meets Britney “Toxic” Spears and the football amongst other things. Made the point very creatively with no comment from her.

They also have a ‘What Now?’ segment where someone shares what they will do this week because of being there tonight. Last night a woman who had been part of the legendary Nine O’Clock Service in Sheffield shared some of what God had been saying to her.

My talk took her back to those days and the community she experienced there. What she said was only loosely related to anything I said (which is fine!) but its interesting to see how God speaks to people.

I have two more weeks speaking there – its great to be able to do things over three weeks as you don’t have to cram everything into 30 minutes.

Great bunch of people and I’m looking forward to the next two weeks!

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