What we can learn about friendship from our dogs

As Brighton has developed as a suburb people have become noticeably less willing to say ‘g’day’ in the street. It seems to go with the territory of being a more established community. So now its not unusual to go down to the park and to not speak with people or to watch the kids play alongside other parents without acknowledging one another’s presence. Its sometimes as if we live in a bubble and only interact when we have to.

I have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be this way because these are familiar patterns and all too easy to slip into.


If only we were a little more like our dogs…

I took Winston for a walk yesterday and every time he saw another dog we stopped while they sniffed each other and acknowledged that they existed. At the beach he was only too happy to play ball with the other dogs and then happily trot on. There is much we can learn from mere dogs…

14 thoughts on “What we can learn about friendship from our dogs

  1. Sure, we can learn from dogs. But let’s not forget, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. 😛

    And I’m rather tired of feeling like I’m being jerked around by a leash sometimes. 😉

  2. hey….hey…I take offe…argh never mind you’re right. Hamo, have you got around to seeing that Jesus Camp movie yet? Was really keen to hear a report on it, apparently it’s playing at the “Perth Intl Film Fest” this week.

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