What’s The Deal?

I had a text from a mate the other day who was in a meeting that was discussing the possibility of a big name American speaker coming to Perth. He wanted to know if we (Forge download who am i movie man between the dvd download ) would be interested in using him.

I read it and thought ‘maybe…’ and then rang to find out more.

I discovered that this person is very expensive and only flies first class. Suddenly the decision became easy. I told him my friend that I wouldn’t even consider it based on that alone. If someone has that level of self importance then they probably aren’t someone I want to listen to.

What is it with those Christian ministers who ‘only fly first class’ and charge like wounded bulls? (I can understand some regular flyers might prefer business class – but to make first class a requirement?…)

We have a word here in Oz for people like that. I’m not sure what it translates to in other parts of the world, but I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out.

By contrast:

Darryl Gardiner came to our last Forge intensive where numbers were down and as a result our income was low. He refused to take any speaking fee, (as he always does with Forge) stayed in our home rather than a hotel (all the Forgies do that) and actually gave us $100.00 back to help with the costs we incurred in running the intensive.

What does that say to you about him?

You reckon I’d have Daz back? You reckon I’d love to give him as much money as I could find? You betcha!

Some people ooze integrity and concern for the kingdom. Those who ‘only fly first class’ raise some serious question marks in my mind.

Maybe some of you out there are in high demand and have similar standards. Please tell me if I am really missing something here because to be frank it just feels very very dodgy.

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