What’s the Opposite of Deja Vu?

If dejavu is feeling like you’ve done something before then I am wondering what the term is to describe the feeling of anticipating doing something. Maybe its ‘premonition’!

As an avid reader I have recently joined the new Brighton estate book club, meeting monthly on Monday nights. I was very much looking forward to it but then heard it was a group of 9 women and me…

Now I like women… but even to me that sounds like something of a scary group to be part of.

Then tonight Danelle and I watched the Jane Austen book club and now I am very very scared… 🙂


Seriously, there is a Brighton book club starting soon and if you’re a bloke it’d be great to have you there. And if you haven’t seen the Jane Austen Book Club then its good for a light hearted Saturday evening – a creative story line and happy endings all round, without feeling like you need to vomit.

3 thoughts on “What’s the Opposite of Deja Vu?

  1. yeah hamo, while not a book clubbish guy, i will say i watched the J.A Book Club with my wife the other night and to my amazement/disturbance/shock i enjoyed it. Please don’t tell anyone.

    Travis Fitch (not my real name)

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