When Boys Play

I took these photos today while we were at Scarborough Beach with the Christian Surfers crew.

It was another day of sizable swell down at Scarborough and it was bigger than most of the micro-groms could manage. Sam dipped his board in the water then turned to me and shook his head… ‘nah Dad… too big’

I kinda knew it, but hoped he might have at least got hammered a couple of times before deciding to bale. His cousin managed to paddle right out the back earlier only to get ‘stuck’ there before being cleaned up and washed in.

With the surf a bit big for the boys today they just congregated in the shore break and played. Boys – many of whom don’t know each other at all, joined together and jumped waves, got smashed by them, laughed together and splashed together and had fun – lots of fun – as only boys can. It really was a beautiful sight.

I was standing chatting with Travis when I noticed how much fun they were having. The laughter, the fact they had been bobbing around for over an hour, the smiles on the faces all said ‘we are having a good time!’

Its great to see kids play so I said to Trav – ‘excuse me a moment’ as I quickly snapped some pics – pics that will forever speak of joy and fun and the good things in life that come when boys get together and do what boys do.

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