When Did He Make His Tents?

If Paul was a tent-maker then I wonder when he did it.

I was chatting with a good mate today about this. We concluded he obviously didn’t have a 9-5 job. He was able to flit around the country side getting whipped beaten and stoned while he preached the gospel, so he couldn’t have held down a regular job.

Maybe he just did it when he had to? ‘Seasonal’ work?

Maybe he owned a tent-making ‘company’ and he left them to it?

Maybe he created Tentway and developed a network marketing system where he lived off a passive income produced by the poor suckers who were his downlines (Sorry – I detest network marketing)

Maybe it ws one of those skills which you could put to work in any town. So if he was in Ephesus for a while he could pick up a bit of work and then move on?

What do you think?

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