When Enough is Enough

The last year I have been on long service leave, and while it was a great break it has played havoc with my spiritual disciplines.

The chaotic nature of that period actually made it harder for me to regularly connect with God than easier. I think I need a structured approach to life to help me practice the disciplines. If I have lazy days I just never seem ‘to get around to it’. When I am busy I can always seem to find time. Ironic hey?

Just this week I have been trying to bring some order back to life and have started practicing a form of the ‘examen’ again as a regular morning discipline.

In 2002 I developed a pattern where I did this almost every day for an hour or so and I experienced some significant shifts because of it. In that year I really enjoyed the time with God and felt my own spiritual health increasing as I did this.

I know some are suggesting we forget about ‘reading your Bible and praying every day’ and I understand that it is about trying to remove the guilt motivation.

However for those of us who really enjoy and benefit from regular time with God in a structured way that is a very unhelpful suggestion.

I’d suggest you do what works for you to connect with you with God – but whatever you do – do something


My fear for those who chuck out regular engagement with scripture and prayer is that it doesn’t get replaced with anything of substance. And if that’s the case then spiritual health must suffer

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