When God is good

This week we have been spending time with Jeff and Tara. Jeff is an American who came to Oz as a short term missionary a few years back. He was so good we actually hired him for a short time as an associate youth pastor at the church I was at.

He is one of those rare people with incredible drive, passion and determination. He and I clicked immediately and actually became great friends in a very short space of time (even though he is American 🙂

His wife is also an amazingly gifted woman and spending time with these guys last week was life giving and refreshing. Just what Danelle and I needed.

They actually live in Bangkok and will be there for the next year on a job placement. Ovr the last couple of months I have been feeling a strong need to visit a developing country, to be faced again with how others live. When Jeff and Tara came I discovered that they live a (literal) stone’s throw away from Ash Barker of UNOH, one of the people I feel I could learn a lot from. They invited us up to spend a week with them… sounds great, but how?

I was praying last week as I was walking thru K Mart, ‘Lord we’d love to go to Bangkok, but we need a spare $1000.00 to make it happen… any ideas?…’

On the night Jeff and Tara left we took them out for a meal to the Trigg Island Cafe – (a beautiful place for dinner) and as the evening ended they shared with us that God had been speaking to them and they wanted to give us a $1000.00, which we could use however we wanted, but it would be great if we wanted to use it to visit Thailand…  Hey!?…

Its times like these when you just have to say ‘wow! God is good.’

So we will be heading up to Bangkok sometime in August to see those guys and hopefully catch the UNOH crew and learn from them.

God looks after us.

God is good.

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