When Rest is Difficult

I often find that when I have been going hard for an extended period of time it is very difficult to slow down. I get used to running and driving and coming up for air every now and then and even though I know I am getting tired, it becomes harder and harder to stop.

The last two days I have felt like a wind up toy that has been fully wound and won’t seem to ‘unwind’. Rest has been needed and yet difficult because everything in me wants to keep going.

I was actually able to return to bed yesterday morning at 10.00 and fell asleep until midday. That was valuable, but I was edgy the rest of yesterday wanting to ‘get on with something’.

Today I feel like I am returning to normal.

This morning we had brunch with Grendel and family as well as Mick & Caroline and the day has been cruisy and enjoyable. Tonight looks similar…

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