When Salmon Swim Upstream

Last year when I wasn’t blogging publicly I kept my thoughts and reflections in a private blog.

I was flicking thru it tonight and came across some reflections I made after watching a doco on salmon swimming upstream. I guess you can draw your own conclusions…

Some thoughts in no particular order:

* There is a life cycle that starts with salmon swimming downstream (past other mature salmon coming up) and out into the ocean.

* The salmon have an inbuilt sense of where to head and are able to find the smallest river all the way from the ocean.

* Upon return from the ocean, in the river mouth some of the salmon get eaten by sharks because the tide is out and they can’t get past

* When they are actually able to navigate the shallow waters of the river, the bears await and many get picked off there.

* The journey upstream is an immensely difficult one with the salmon sometimes just swimming to stay still

* It is a journey that takes everything they have got in terms of energy and life

* Their intention at the end of this is to reproduce

* The bears at the waterfall are also able to pick off the salmon as they lurch themselves upwards and try to keep going

* The salmon change colour when they get past the falls and approach the mating time

* As they mate and lay their eggs they must surrender their own lives.

* They must die to themselves if new life is to occur.

Reckon there are some great lessons in that?

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2 thoughts on “When Salmon Swim Upstream

  1. Lesson Number One

    Sharks, bears and eagles, while different organisms, all agree that salmon are tasty.

    Lesson Number Two

    Due to their inbuilt navigation system it is unlikely that salmon will ever be interested in purchasing a TomTom or Garmin GPS system.

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